Benefits for Students in Scotland Handbook
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Appendix 1: Information and advice

The following books are available from CPAG, 30 Micawber Street, London N1 7TB, Tel: 020 7812 5236. You can also order online, and find details of CPAG’s other handbooks and online subscription services, and details of the prices for members and Citizens Advice at

Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2018/19 (April 2018): £61 (2019/20 edition available April 2019)

Benefit and Tax Credit Rates Poster 2018/19: £7

Universal Credit: what you need to know, 5th edition (autumn 2018): £15

Council Tax Handbook, 12th edition (autumn 2018): £26

Fuel Rights Handbook, 19th edition (winter 2016): £29

Children's Handbook Scotland, 11th edition (autumn 2018): £24

Disability Rights Handbook 2018/19 (April 2018): £33.99

Student Support and Benefits Handbook: England, Wales and Northern Ireland 2018/19 (autumn 2018): £27

Official guidance

The following guidance, used by decision makers in the DWP and local authorities, is available at It has no legal standing, so you cannot quote it in an appeal, but it can be useful to refer decision makers to it if you want a decision overturned by an internal revision or supersession.

Advice for Decision Making (for universal credit and other benefits introduced from April 2013)

Decision Makers' Guide

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Guidance Manual




UK legislation

All the legislation listed in Appendix 3 can be found at Most is updated.

Social Security Legislation, Volumes 1 to 5

Published by Sweet and Maxwell, these volumes contain updated Acts and regulations covering social security and tax credits with explanatory commentary. They are available from CPAG.

CPAG's Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Legislation

Published by CPAG, this contains updated Acts and regulations and a detailed commentary.

Decisions of the Upper Tribunal

Reported and unreported decisions are available from


Contact your student services department, student association, bursaries office or the National Association of Student Money Advisers ( for advice on studying and claiming benefits.

Appendix 2: Useful addresses

CPAG in Scotland

Unit 9, Ladywell

94 Duke Street

Glasgow G4 0UW

Tel: 0141 552 3303

Advice line for advisers only: 0141 552 0552 (Mon–Thurs, 10am–4pm; Fri, 10am-12 noon)


CPAG in Scotland provides an advice, information and training service for advisers.


SDS Individual Training Accounts


Skills Development Scotland  



Skills Development Scotland's 'my world of work' webpages contain funding information and can be used by both students and advisers.


Lead Scotland

Room B05, Edinburgh Napier University

Merchiston Campus

 14 Colinton Road

Edinburgh EH10 5DT

Freephone helpline: 0800 999 2568 (Mon, Wed, Thurs, 2–4pm; Tues, Fri, 10am–12pm)

Lead Scotland is a charity that enables disabled adults and carers to access learning opportunities. 


National Union of Students Scotland

1 Papermill Wynd

McDonald Road

Edinburgh EH7 4QL

Tel: 0131 556 6598


Scottish Funding Council

97 Haymarket Terrace

Edinburgh EH12 5HD

Tel: 0131 313 6500


Scottish Social Services Council

Compass House

11 Riverside Drive

Dundee DD1 4NY

Tel: 0345 603 0891


Student Awards Agency Scotland

Saughton House

Broomhouse Drive

Edinburgh EH11 3UT

Tel: 0300 555 0505


Student Loans Company

100 Bothwell Street

Glasgow G2 7JD

Tel: 0300 100 0609



UKCISA: UK Council for International Student Affairs

9–17 St Albans Place

London N1 0NX


Advice line for students: 020 7788 9214 (Mon–Fri, 1pm–4pm)


UKCISA provides advice and information to international students studying in the UK, and to staff who work with them.

Appendix 3: Abbreviations used in the notes


 AAC  Administrative Appeals Chamber
 AACR  Administrative Appeals Chamber Reports
 Art(s) Article(s) 
 EWCA Civ  England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
 NICA  Northern Ireland Court of Appeal
 para(s)  paragraph(s)
 reg(s)  regulation(s)
 s(s)  section(s)
 Sch(s)  Schedule(s)
 UKUT  United Kingdom Upper Tribunal
 Vol  volume

Acts of Parliament


JSA 1995  Jobseekers Act 1995 
LGFA 1992 Local Government Finance Act 1992
SSCBA 1992 Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992
WRA 2007 Welfare Reform Act 2007 
WRWA 2016 Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016


Each set of regulations has a statutory instrument (SI) number and a date. You ask for them by giving their date and number.

C(LC)SSB(S) Regs The Children (Leaving Care) Social Security Benefits (Scotland) Regulations 2004 No.747
CB Regs  The Child Benefit (General) Regulations 2006 No.223 
CT(D)(S)CAO The Council Tax (Discounts) (Scotland) Consolidation and Amendment Order 2003 No.176
CTC Regs The Child Tax Credit Regulations 2002 No.2007
CTR(S) Regs  The Council Tax Reduction (Scotland) Regulations 2012 No.303 

ESA Regs

The Employment and Support Allowance Regulations 2008 No.794

ESA(TP) Regs The Employment and Support Allowance (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2008 No.795
HB Regs The Housing Benefit Regulations 2006 No.213
HSSWF(A) Regs The Healthy Start Scheme and Welfare Food (Amendment) Regulations 2005 No.3262
IS Regs  The Income Support (General) Regulations 1987 No.1967
JSA Regs The Jobseeker's Allowance Regulations 1996 No.207
JSA Regs 2013  The Job Seeker's Allowance Regulations 2013 No. 378 
LMI Regs The Loans for Mortgage Interest Regulations 2017 No. 725
NHS(TERC)(S) Regs  The National Health Service (Travelling Expenses and Remission of Charges) (Scotland) (No.2) Regulations 2003 No.460 
SS(ICA) Regs The Social Security (Invalid Care Allowance) Regulations 1976 No.409
TC(DCI) Regs  The Tax Credits (Definition and Calculation of Income) Regulations 2002 No.2006 
UC Regs The Universal Credit Regulations 2013 No.376

Other information


ADM Advice for Decision Making
DMG Decision Maker's Guide
GM Housing Benefit/Council Tax Benefit Guidance Manual

References like CIS/142/1990 and R(JSA) 2/02 are references to commissioners' decisions.

References like AD v SSWP [2009] UKUT 46 (AAC) are references to decisions of the Upper Tribunal.

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